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Vinyl Techniques

Banner Production Techniques
Rick Williams
Video - S1140

For those in the sign business, banners are a bread-and-butter item that can make or break the bottom-line. But they can also be a source of endless frustration for both you and the customer when not handled properly. In this hands-on instructional video, Rick discusses the different types of pre-fabricated banner materials that are available on the market today, how to make your own quickly and easily. 

Approximate Running Time: 86 Minutes



Applying Vinyl Vol. 1Volume 1: Applying Vinyl
David Shaw
Video - S1135

Volume One is perfect for anyone new to the trade, this hands-on video takes a closer look at the fundamentals of applying film to a variety of substrates and surface textures. You will learn how to choose the right vinyl for your needs and see how the various tools of the trade are used. Then watch as David employs many different techniques for applying vinyl, including three different hinge techniques, wet and dry applications, options for working with multiple layers, and what to do about bubbles, tunnels and wrinkles. Dave also discusses vinyl design options such as reverse weeding and overlaps vs. gutters for outlines and shadows.

Approximate Running Time: 67 Minutes

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Applying Vinyl Vol. 2Volume 2: Applying Vinyl
David Shaw
Video - S1136

Volume Two picks up where Volume One left off with David showing more tips and tricks for applying and designing vinyl graphics such as: single and multiple layer, reverse, working with banners, and how to prepare a multi-layer, vinyl-on-vinyl design for a single application. Then move out into the huge warehouse to see demonstrated the specific techniques needed for working fleet graphics, including corrugation, rivets, seams and how to finish the job with a professional touch.

Approximate Running Time: 67 Minutes

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