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True Grit: Taking the Mystery Out of SandblastingTrue Grit: Taking the Mystery Out of Sandblasting
Butch Young & Rita Long
Manual - A2003

Sandblasting is a process that encompasses a vast range of techniques, styles, materials and applications. Many people stumble into it as a hobby or sidelineórarely does it enjoy recognition as its own discipline. Yet, it is a relatively simple process, requiring a finite number of discrete mechanical systems. And once those systems are mastered, the whole range of creative materials and design matter is open to you. Presented in the same popular format as our other self-study manuals, this 196-page manual was written for those who have not yet entered the world of blasting, but are looking for where to begin; for those who have dabbled some, and now want to get serious; and for those who are serious and want to branch out, but just canít seem to get either their equipment or technique up to speed.

Provided in a 3 ring binder for easy study and reference.
216 Pages.

MANUAL $59.95

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