FAQ's. . .

VHS Video:

Currently, all our video titles are available in VHS format.  These tapes are professionally duplicated on quality video tape and come in a plastic presentation and storage box.  Some tapes are still available in PAL for European customers.

DVD Video:

Newer titles are now available on DVD at no extra cost.  Produced on the highest quality Verbatim, HP or equivalent disks, the professional made disks play in all standard DVD players and computers equipped with DVD capability.   Each disk comes in its own plastic storage box (sets are packaged in a single box designed to hold the appropriate number of disks).


With the exception of the Laser Engraving manual, all manuals are produced on 24 pound 8 1/2 x 11" paper for long life and easy reading.  Newer editions are printed in color.  All come in a quality 3-ring binder.  The Laser Engraving manual comes in a 6 x 9" binder.


CDs are professionally duplicated only on the highest quality disks and packaged in plastic boxes for safe storage.

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